Meet the Maker Q + A

 My husband, Miguel, can basically do anything...he's my go-to for every project, personal and business. So when we started this little shoppe of ours a few years ago he just started woodworking, figuring things out as he went and learning from all the YouTube videos he could watch. He had found his passion. He was obsessed. He literally went from basic home decor pieces to beautiful cutting boards within months. He really loves the process of creating cutting boards and the uniqueness of each one. So when he told me he was going to set aside some time to create a new spring collection of cutting boards I was so excited. We recently sat down and I did a little Q + A with him so everyone could get to know him, the maker behind our shoppe, a bit better. 

Q: Tell everyone a little bit about you. 

A: My name is Miguel and am co-owner of January Shoppe. I am a father of two wonderful daughters and husband to my best friend and soul mate. By day I’m an area manager for a telecommunications construction company and my true passion, which I found later in life, is woodworking. 

Q: How did you even find this passion? What sparked your interest in woodworking? 

A: One day my wife asked me to make a shoe shelf for our closet and after making that I was hooked. After that my wife came to me with a few home decor pieces that she sketched out and asked if I would try to make them. I started watching some amazing wood workers on YouTube and really tried to learn as much as I could and the rest is history. 

Q: What is the one piece you feel most proud of in our Shoppe? And why? 

A: The rustic wooden riser. It’s such a great piece. It’s multifunctional (most people have used it as a riser while others have used it for a laptop table, a place to put their cable box and stereo and also as a unique way to display family photos) and it’s been customized in so many sizes for so many customers. Everyone really seems love it. 

Q: How did you feel when you had your first sale of something you made? 

A: Grateful to know that something that I made is now on display in someone’s home. I still feel that way, every shipment of packages that goes out, it’s still a little unbelievable that I’m making all of these pieces that so many people love enough to display and use in their homes.  

Q: How do you feel about the work you do and your Shoppe? 

A: I feel blessed to be able to do this type of creative work and although it is currently only a part-time job for me I treat it with a lot dedication and am always looking for ways to grow and also become better at creating pieces for the Shoppe. 

Q: What are hopes personally and professionally 5 years from now? 

A: Professionally, continue to grow our online Shoppe but in the short term we are hoping to open our first brick and mortar Shoppe near our home in Central Florida. 

Personally - happiness and health for my family and myself will always be my goal. 

Q: We’re debuting our new line of cutting boards that you’ve been working on tell us a bit about the process in making those. 

A: I begin by purchasing rough lumber - walnut, maple and cherry for example (these are some of my favorites) and then cut them into pieces and design each cutting board. Once I have the design in mind I do a glue up of the pieces and begin the process of cutting, smoothing and polishing. It’s a lengthy process but they are so beautiful once completed so and in the end all of the time spent is all worth it. 

Q: Any other pieces are you’re currently working on for the Shoppe?

A: A small clean line coffee table made from repurposed wood, a sofa console table, and a few additional small home decor pieces. 

Share 5 fun facts about you…

  1. I’m a mommas boy, yep I said it but then again I’m an only child so there’s that. 
  2. I could eat pizza all day everyday. 
  3. I love playing video games in my down time. 
  4. I never went to college as we became parents when we were super young and our children came first so I always had to work. I have no regrets as life has been good to me I just had to work really hard for it all. 
  5. I love a good romantic comedy! 

Anything you would like to add…to everyone who follows us and supports us, I deeply appreciate everything and am so very grateful for each of you. Your support has been what has allowed me to pursue this passion of mine and the fact that you choose to shop small with us really means the world to me.