Our Master Bedroom Makeover
Last year we were determined to participate in the One Room Challenge, if you don’t know what the ORC is, it’s a bi annual event that happens every year in April and October, and participants document transforming a space within their home. It is in no way a competition but rather a fun, supportive event where a community of fellow DIY’ers are there cheering you on to finish your space every step of the way, for the duration of about six weeks. Last year, due to the pandemic, the challenge ran from the beginning of May until early July.
Although our master bedroom appeared to be fine in our before photo above, we knew that it needed a bit of TLC so we chose this room to makeover for the challenge. When we purchased our home over four years ago we did nothing to this space other than paint that accent wall behind the bed. That’s it. Done. Nada. Oh and decorate. So we knew we wanted to make that accent wall behind the bed pop a bit more. This room is small – probably about 12 x 16, so yes, it’s a very small master bedroom. And, with that being said, we needed to take on projects that would make an impact in this small space.
We decided that we wanted to really make the wall behind our headboard the focal point of this small space so we worked with Weaber Lumber and installed these beautiful white wash wall boards. Wow! This simple project made all the difference. We then painted the rest of the room a very soft grey and also added new furniture, bedding, a rug, drop cloth curtains, lighting, a ceiling fan and shelves. We totally transformed this space and we are so happy with the end result. Oh and another project that you don’t see here is our closet doors…we replaced our accordion doors with barn doors and of course they look amazing! If you are looking to make an impact in any room of your home we would totally recommend Weaber Lumber wall boards. Such an easy project, that took us maybe 3 hours in total, truly made a big impact in this small space!